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  Welcome to Forest Wildlife, where you can find some outstanding free wallpaper and backgrounds for your pc. Our desktop wallpaper is very unique, as we have some wonderful original nature photography. We hope that you will download our free desktop backgrounds and share them with your friends. We travel all through the mountains and forest to gather these nature photos together in our nature picture gallery. Please Tell all of your friends about our desktop backgrounds and free screensavers.
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Featured Forest Wildlife Photography
Fawn in Grass  -  Alert Grey Fox  -  Sleepy Bobcat  -  Angry Black Bear

   baby fawn deer grass wildlife        owl flying snow storm wildlife           alert gray fox wildlife            bald eagle tree branch wildlife            wildlife bobcat sun nap woke up            angry black bear mouth open wildlife

baby deer fawn in the grass wildlife alert grey fox wildlife

bobcat awake from sun nap wildlife black bear mouth wide open wildlife

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Wildlife picture descriptions: Top Left - A small baby deer lay motionless as I walked right up to it and take its picture; making certain not to touch the baby because the mother could reject it if she smells human scent on the fawn. Top Right - A beautiful grey fox senses my presence as I take this shot from about 50 yards away, I think this is a female fox and is certainly aware of her surroundings. Bottom Left - A sleepy forest bobcat has just woke up from laying in the early morning sunshine. Bottom Right - Not really an angry black bear, this bear has just woke up from a lazy early morning sunbath, but he could pose for a black bear growling with his mouth wide open!

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